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Anyone get killed by Wells Fargo today? (Members)
Just had a potential client go under contract Says WF is offering him 3.75% 30 year fixed with a lender credit $955K loan amount, 80 LTV (Replies: 7)
Related tags: []

alternative to 203k for loans above county limit (Members)
When you speak with a borrower who is looking to purchase a property close to the county loan limit but would like to use a 203k loan and renovate the home. What alternatives do we have to work with i (Replies: 11)
Related tags: [, , , ]

Who has the lowest rate Jumbo products in the industry for the NY NJ area for non-correspondent brokers. It used to be that we could smoke the banks but, now I seem to be losing borrowers left and ri (Replies: 11)
Related tags: [, s & l, , ]

85% Jumbo Purchase $1,062,000 Clean! (Members)
Can anyone point me in the right direction for a new purchase I have? I have a full file ready to go. Will take Fixed or ARM. 85% 1 Loan or 80 5 15 799 Fico Loan Amount $1,062,000 or $1 Million (Replies: 5)
Related tags: [85% jumbo over $1 million]

Any Jumbo Lenders For Ca - Purchase Loan Riverside (Members)
I'm trying to find a good jumbo lender for the following scenario: purchase sfr CA - Riverside County (max conforming for county is $417k) purchase price: $650,000 down payment: 5-10% Loan amo (Replies: 8)
Related tags: [, ]

Jumbo Purchase Investment WA, Air BNB use (Members)
Hello, Trying to find a lender who will entertain an investment purchase on a property in Washington state. Borrower is self employed and earns his income from AirBNB and VRBO. Any suggestions o (Replies: 4)
Related tags: [, , air bnb use]

Implod-ometer still around (Members)
http: articles 37670-two-harbors-bailing-on-jumbo-bonds-already-impacting-mortgage-market (Replies: 0)
Related tags: [jumbo investor crashed n burned]

Jumbo Rates (Members)
Which lenders have the best rates on Jumbo products? not long ago I could offer Chase at 3.375%, however now I am only seeing rates in the mid to high 3's for non-agency Jumbo 30 Refi. California (Replies: 6)
Related tags: [jumbo 30 rates]

New Jumbo Choice Program (Members)
Contact me for Details! Jumbo Choice allows lower credit scores, higher LTVs and greater flexibility with derogatory credit events than our standard Jumbo program. Highlights of Jumbo Choice i (Replies: 4)
Related tags: [, non-warrantable condo]

JUMBO Loan with BK 7, 4 years ago (Members)
Any lenders out there doing Jumbo's with a BK 7 from 4 years ago. My lenders are requiring 7 years. Not interested in any high rate loans, just regular Jumbo's. (Replies: 1)
Related tags: [jumbo bk]

Jumbo,$520k loan amount, FL, O/O, Purchase anyone (Members)
A buddy of mine is buying a Home for $578,000 I'm looking for a wholesale lender for a Jumbo deal in FL, Purchase, Owner occupied, 90% LTV, Full Doc, 760+ Fico. Can anyone touch this clo (Replies: 12)
Related tags: [, ]

need broker that can originate in NY (Members)
If you can originate in NY, please let me know asap. Multiple states would be great. Please let me know. Thank you. I look forward to talking with you soon. (Replies: 2)
Related tags: [, ]

Jumbo Refi Texas FICO 690 (Members)
Good morning. I have a Jumbo refinance for consideration. - Jumbo - 500K loan amount - 690 FICO - 59% LTV - Owner occupied - Refinance of an existing Texas A6 Cashout (no cash back just refi) (Replies: 1)
Related tags: [texas a6 jumbo refi]

Jumbo with Nationwide? (Members)
I just got smoked on a jumbo by guaranteed rate. I had the buyer ask who they were using and they told him Nationwide. Does anyone know who Nationwide is? They gave him a 7 1 @ 3%, no points or orig (Replies: 7)
Related tags: []

Can anyone do 95% Jumbo in FL? Primary Residence (Members)
I was under the impression that the Max LTV on Jumbo loans is currently 90% until I encountered a borrower who is trying to get a Jumbo loan and claims his out of state friend got a Jumbo mortgage for (Replies: 12)
Related tags: [, ]

Jumbo Texas A6 Cashout 676 FICO (Members)
Hello. I have a borrower trying to refinance a Jumbo Texas A6 cashout. Value is 840K. Loan amount is 500K. Full doc 676 FICO. SFR. Owner occupied.LTV is about 59%. (Replies: 3)
Related tags: [jumbo texas a6 cashout fico]

90% CLTV on a 2nd home full doc 740 (Members)
Anyone know of a lender that will do 90% LTV or CLTV on a jumbo loan second home. Full Doc 740 credit score (Replies: 1)
Related tags: [, , ]

Jumbo Loan 3 residences 1 parcel conforms to zonin (Members)
I have high net worth borrowers looking to purchase property with 1,200 feet of Lake Michigan frontage. The parcel is 6 acres and contains 3 residential structures, however; the local zoning ordi (Replies: 0)
Related tags: [unique properties, , ]

40 year interest only on Jumbo Wholesale (Members)
Contact me to day for more information. AL, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DE, DC, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, LA, MD, NC, NH, NJ, OR, PA, TN, RI, SC, SD, TX, UT, VA, WA! (Replies: 1)
Related tags: [, , ]

Up to 90% LTV to 2.5 million no MI Wholesale (Members)
Contact me at (Replies: 1)
Related tags: [, , ]

Up to 90% LTV to 2.5 million no MI (Members)
Please contact me via email (Replies: 0)
Related tags: [, , ]

95% Jumbo Leads (Members)
Some of our lead buyers have started requesting 95% Jumbo leads over the past 6 months. We have been generating a fair amount of them especially in CA, NY, etc. If you can do these loans, please cont (Replies: 5)
Related tags: [5% down jumbo loan, 95% jumbo mortgage leads]

super jumbo California (Members)
Looking for 85% cltv on a $2000000 purchase. owner occ Santa clara Ca (Replies: 2)
Related tags: []

Do you have a Fannie Fall Out Loan? (Members)
non-qm wholesale lender. What is your scenario? I may be able to help you close your loan! Email me. (Replies: 0)
Related tags: [declined, , du, , ]

Self Emplyd up to 2.5 Jumbo no tax returns availab (Members)
12 month personal or business bank statements 24 month personal or business bank statements No tax returns No 4506t (Replies: 0)
Related tags: [, , , , ]

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