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Line of Credit / HELOC FIRST LIEN, CONDO, O/O,FL (Members)
I'm looking for a wholesaler who can do a Line of Credit Heloc in first position for a Florida condo. Borrower has excellent credit, Full Doc, very low LTV (LTV=35%) who is the best lender fo (Replies: 1)
Related tags: [, , ]

Looking for HELOC (Members)
Looking for a lender to provide HELOC with a short sale just under 6 years. Perfect credit and perfect income. Current mortgage is $566K with property value between $800 - $850K range. Needing $100 (Replies: 4)
Related tags: []

Wholesale Helocs (Members)
Anyone know of a wholesale 2nd mortgage company that offers HELOCS (Replies: 12)
Related tags: [wholesale helocs]

2nd Mortgage to 90% CLTV in Florida (Members)
SFR Purchase transaction for $550,000. Borrower had short sale 09 13 2012. As of 09 13 2016, it will be 4 years which meets fannie requirements for the first. Doing first mortgage of $417,000 at (Replies: 2)
Related tags: [, ]

Looking for 80/10/10 in Virginia (Members)
Need 80 10 10 in Chesapeake, VA (23322) Purchase (not 2nd home) Full Doc One borrower $360K on 1st 30 year fixed conv 10% ($45K) Down $45K on 2nd HELOC or I O for remaining 10% All closing es (Replies: 8)
Related tags: [1st 30 year fixed conv - 2nd heloc or i/o]

HELOC (Members)
Is anyone wholesaling HELOCs at this time? (Replies: 2)
Related tags: []

Heloc or Second mortgage FL, (Members)
Can anyone do a second loan or HELOC in FL, 660 FICO, Owner occupied at 80% LTV or even below 80% ? Thank you (Replies: 2)
Related tags: [, second loan]

75/15 Combos are back in ? (Members)
Are these first and second condos back in business? A realtor friend just told me he had a closing on a condo with a 75% first 15% Second loan combo. I think they can probably get a condo review wai (Replies: 6)
Related tags: []

Lead says everyone is advertising 125% 2nd's ? (Members)
Had a guy today from a lead tell me he's looking for a 125% ltv cltv cash out 2nd to buy another home with. Did he go in a time machine back to 2006? Is anyone doing these? Sounds like a lot of laye (Replies: 8)
Related tags: [, ]

I have a California client with a 713 FICO who is seeking a $50,000 stand alone 2nd HELOC in order to do some home improvements. Are there any lenders that are offering stand alone HELOC 2nd's in CA? (Replies: 6)
Related tags: []

Seeking a HELOC 62 CLTV (Members)
I have a client with a 645 FICO who is seeking to replace his current private party HELOC 2nd TD with a new 2nd TD HELOC. He has an $850K 1st TD and an $95K HELOC 2nd TD on his primary residence in Ca (Replies: 0)
Related tags: [, 645 fico]

Is there a lender who offers Heloc or plain 2nd FL (Members)
I'm looking for a lender who offers Helocs or plain second loans and pays brokers in FL. Thank you for any suggestion! (Replies: 1)
Related tags: [, ]

HELOC 2nd's (Members)
Hi all Does anyone know of any good HELOC 2nd providers that can close simultaneously with an outside 1st in Florida? With the new fnma changes we're looking to offer the product but TCF didn't (Replies: 3)
Related tags: [, , , ]

Would Wells second take partial payment / reamort? (Members)
I have a client who got a first second combo back in the days they were offered. His first is in the 5%'s and his second is in the 9%'s and we are tying to refinance both. Our value will not be e (Replies: 9)
Related tags: []

HELOC reset causing problems for Seniors (Members)
Working with a SunTrust banker that just sent me two referrals for reverse mortgage because they couldn't refinance the borrower into a new loan because grandma doesn't make enough money AND they both (Replies: 21)
Related tags: [heloc reverse mortgage]

HELOC up to max ltv, 720 fico w/ tax returns only (Members)
Looking for a max ltv HELOC, currently at 45% ltv, balance is $205k, 720 fico, had a shortsale back in 2010 but did not have any lates, primary res, w2, just tax returns and if needed perhaps (Replies: 0)
Related tags: [, , ]

Charge Off 2nd HELOC for short sale over 4 years (Members)
Borrower had a short sale over 4 years ago. There were 2 mortgages. The 1st shows up like it normally would as a settled for less on the credit report. The 2nd is a HELOC that is shown as a chargeoff (Replies: 2)
Related tags: [, , du, , ]

$100,000 NY HELOC 725+ Score (Members)
Looking for a $100,000 line of credit against a 2 family O O home in Brooklyn, NY. Home value is $1,000,000 with an $800,000 mortgage. Great credit, income and assets. (Replies: 0)
Related tags: [, ny, ]

LCOR or COR? (Members)
FNMA, Chapter B2-1.2-02, states that the refinance of a first mortgage and included in the payoff a subordinate lien that was used to purchase the property, this can be a limited cash out refinance. (Replies: 4)
Related tags: [payoff subordinate heloc]

BANK HELOC (Members)
Any bank doing HELOC without income verification? Thanks (Replies: 1)
Related tags: [, , ]

Stand Alone 2nds (Members)
Hi, Does anyone know any wholesale lender that will work with RideMortgages to originate stand alone 2nd mortgages such as HELOC, home equity etc...? Thanks (Replies: 2)
Related tags: [, ]

HELOC on Free&Clear Condo? (mid 600 FICO) (Members)
Hey Guys, This is actually for me personally. Wondering if any of you can help. Bought a Condo here in MA in 2008 cash. Value roughly 300k. Looking for a HELOC. Free & Clear. Non-Warrantable ( (Replies: 0)
Related tags: [, , , free & clear]

HELOC with 677 FICO, CLTV (Members)
My tag line says it all. I'm needing a rate term refi. The first will be a $474,950 loan balance and the HELOC will be $123,000 for CLTV of 79%. FICO is 677. (Replies: 2)
Related tags: [, rate/term refi, , ]

HELOC (Members)
Hi, can't do this, in Illinois, will refer to whomever can handle. This is the scenario: borrower is recently married, owns a home debt free in Florida, is moving to Vegas, wants a HELOC on her reside (Replies: 1)
Related tags: [, ]

HELOC up to ($67K)89.99% LTV Arizona 683 Fico (Members)
Hi guys. What banks will entertain a HELOC up to 89.99% LTV in AZ with a fico at 683? Please share max terms if nothing up to 89.99% at 683 FICO. Thanks for looking. :) Property Type: SFR (Replies: 0)
Related tags: [, , , ]

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