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Going from self employed to self employed??? (Members)
Have a client that was s e...1099 working under business A Based on profits set up, he incorporated this year and included himself as 50 50 owner on articles of incorporation as an LLC business B ( (Replies: 4)
Related tags: [income calc/fha]

MIP FHA Streamline Refi (Members)
I was wondering how do we calculate MIP refund when we do FHA Streamline Refi? Also, how do we calculate "earned MIP premium" that gets added on to the principal balance when payoff is calculated? L (Replies: 1)
Related tags: [mip fha streamline refi]

Reverse Mortgage on Non FHA Approved Condo? (Members)
I have a file for a reverse mortgage but found out the condo is not FHA approved and the HOA says they have tried but not been able to get FHA approval in the past. Can anyone point me in a direct (Replies: 3)
Related tags: [reverse mortgage non fha approved condo]

Income and OT usuage (Members)
Employed on current from 09 2013 to present. Using hourly + OT income to qualify. Get the WVOE and in remarks section states: "Off work from 12 14 to 02 15 - other job opportunity" Basical (Replies: 4)
Related tags: [fha income]

FHA does not care about 2106 unreimbursed (Members)
I was informed fha now is same as conventional- does not care about 2106 expenses, Does anyone have the letter or anything from hud to back this up? (Replies: 31)
Related tags: [2106 fha expenses]

Who does Manual U/W for FHA - No FICO (Members)
Are there any Lenders that do Manual underwriting on FHA purchase loans with No Fico Score ? FHA guidelines state loan is possible but I cant Find a lender to accomodate this file (Replies: 7)
Related tags: [nofico, , ]

Effective income? (Members)
400k oo sfr 700 fico 96.5% ltv Employment Income: Attained teaching credentials 1 yr ago and was working part time for 1 yr at time of graduation. Has been a substitute teacher for the past (Replies: 4)
Related tags: []

Dispute Resolved - Consumer Disagrees (Members)
Have a buyer that removed all disputes on collection accounts from credit, except one of them reads: DISPUTE RESOLVED - CONSUMER DISAGREES It's only being reported by Transunion. Balance of $ (Replies: 13)
Related tags: []

FHA Back to Work Ending (Members)
Does anyone know if FHA Back to Work is going to be continued after September 30th? One of my Account Executives told me today that they are renaming the program to FHA extenuating circumstances and w (Replies: 10)
Related tags: [, back, , ]

Temp Agency Employment (Members)
I have a client who works as a truck driver for Company A which hires him through a Temp agency B. So his real employer is a temp agency. Been on the same job with company A as a truck driver for 18 (Replies: 8)
Related tags: []

Upfront DTI (Members)
Anyone know the upfront max DTI for USDA, FHA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac? Thank you in advance (Replies: 8)
Related tags: [, , fanne mae and freddie mac]

my borrower has a current residence... (Members)
so, ya my borrower has a current primary residence FHA loan she wants to also try and be a "non-occupant" co-borrower for her daughter and her fiance - what's the best way to structure this to put d (Replies: 5)
Related tags: []

FHA Back 2 Work (Members)
I know this is a difficult loan from start to finish. Has anyone had any success? Any recommendations as far as lenders? (Replies: 2)
Related tags: [, , ]

Flip situations occurring more often ? (Members)
Trying to get a general census, if you have FHA approved buyers making an offer on a property whose title is clear at the pre-lim stage but then all of a sudden, 1 2 way thru contract, a new lien surf (Replies: 1)
Related tags: []

Big bad & serious (Members)
In contract for the past few weeks okay it just so happens that the individual selling the home is an investor and this same investor took the home out of his name put it in his company's name and tha (Replies: 4)
Related tags: [i have an fha deal purchase]

Desk Review (Members)
So I have a purchase that was supposed to fund today. Sales price: 330k Fha appraisal: 322k Lowered price to match. Just got a call from AE stating they ordered a desk review due to AVM comi (Replies: 29)
Related tags: [, ]

Judgement still showing on credit (Members)
buyer says as of last 3 weeks, that judgement is paid in full ? what do I do ? (Replies: 7)
Related tags: [trying to go fha]

Homestyle vs 203k (Members)
Pros and Cons to one over the other? I have a borrower that wants to do a room adittion; and I was going to look into FHA 203k standard, however, I was wondering if going Homestyle would have an ad (Replies: 2)
Related tags: [, ]

Declining Rental Income (Members)
Sch E from past 2 yrs 2014: (217) 2015: (815) Not a huge decline. FHA refi and here is what the 4000.1 says: (ii) History of Net Rental Income The Mortgagee must calculate the net Rental (Replies: 2)
Related tags: [fha; declining, sch e]

Carrington Annoyance (Members)
Scenario: FHA high balance cash out refi DU A E 645 fico oo sfr 41 47 ratios Underwriter listing annoying conditions I am spending too much time fighting. 1. Open 30 day AMEX charge acc (Replies: 4)
Related tags: [fha cash out high balance]

FHA paystub (Members)
I have a person taking a new job. currently an RN at 40 hours per week. going to new employer as rn with 24 hours per week (new city). start date is 6 27 and wants to close right away. anyone close (Replies: 8)
Related tags: [, paystub, ]

Trying to get local school teacher approved in Tennessee or Mississippi. She has about 5-10% for down payment up to $200k, what the best loan for her. Tony A Jones Helping Hands Lending 901-650- (Replies: 6)
Related tags: [, , ]

FHA Employment Gap (Members)
Have a borrower that had to take a year off to take care of her mother. She just started a new job and is under contract for a new home. Findings are saying I need her to be on current job for 6 mon (Replies: 3)
Related tags: []

All Lenders Using 1% on Student Debt? (Members)
So are all lenders interpreting the new 1% FHA rule the same ? I got the announcement from EA saying they will use 1% (or greater of which is usually 1%) and another announcement from a lender sayi (Replies: 6)
Related tags: [fha debt ratios]

Charge off must be 0 balance? (Members)
FHA refi and I was excluding charge-offs because of this guidance form the 4000.1: (M) Charge Off Accounts (TOTAL) (1) Definition Charge Off Account refers to a Borrower’s loan or debt that has b (Replies: 14)
Related tags: []

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