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Reverse Mortgage on Non FHA Approved Condo? (Members)
I have a file for a reverse mortgage but found out the condo is not FHA approved and the HOA says they have tried but not been able to get FHA approval in the past. Can anyone point me in a direct (Replies: 3)
Related tags: [reverse mortgage non fha approved condo]

Lender Needed (Members)
So haven't ever worked with Condo Association Management company directly. Condo is in West Palm Beach, FL (300+ units) and they are seeking a property improvement loan. Anyone have a source ? (Replies: 1)
Related tags: [condo association management co]

FL, Condo, Association dissolved 75% LTV (Members)
I am trying to refinance a FL Condo, where the legal description of the property says " condo... villa" but there is no association at all. Fannie Mae guideline only allows no association if there ar (Replies: 8)
Related tags: [, association dissolved]

Using rental income when it has increased (Members)
Borrower has 4 rental properties. 3 of them are free and clear. He increased the rent on all of these in 2016 and has the current lease. The tax returns show the old rent; has anyone has any luck (Replies: 15)
Related tags: [refinance - ltv 43% - score 705 - condo]

42% owner occupied condo invester property cashout (Members)
I have a client that owns a condo that wants cashout. Property is worth $400K. He wants $250K cashout. The property is located in San Jose, CA. Current rent is $1995. His mid fico is 781. Which lender (Replies: 3)
Related tags: [, , ]

Can this be counted as income? (Members)
Borrower is a field rep W2. Longtime employee. He also gets reimbursement for mileage which comes to over $1200 monthly. Not on W2, no 2106. Company has written a letter indicating he receiv (Replies: 5)
Related tags: [purchase - fl condo - 2nd home]

New Jumbo Choice Program (Members)
Contact me for Details! Jumbo Choice allows lower credit scores, higher LTVs and greater flexibility with derogatory credit events than our standard Jumbo program. Highlights of Jumbo Choice i (Replies: 4)
Related tags: [, non-warrantable condo]

300-500k line of credit/loan for a FL Condo bldg (Members)
I'm looking for a line of credit or a fixed loan in the range of 300k-700k for a FL condominium building. This is a loan for the entire building association and not for any individual unit. I'm (Replies: 2)
Related tags: [, , ]

Scenario (Members)
Positives - good credit 740 plus Issues Borrower #1 has part time income but not for 2 years. She also has 1099 income but not for 2 years (got green card 07 2015) Borrower #2 - Non co-occ - (Replies: 2)
Related tags: [95% purchase condo - florida]

CONDO "Occupancy Rule ?" (Members)
Hi Friends, I have a condo up for sale (FSBO) and have been getting calls AND showings. I'm considering 1-2 buyers now BUT, my question involves getting a CONVENTIONAL Mortgage on the property. (Replies: 12)
Related tags: []

4 plex (Members)
I have a borrower in contract for a 4 plex, but each unit has its own APN. The client would like to do this in one loan, but its becoming harder than I thought it would. I spoke to an Appraiser, and h (Replies: 1)
Related tags: [4 plex, , apn]

Stated Non Owner Occupied Loans (Members)
Up to 70% ltv on stated non owner occupied property(self employed) Email Me. (Replies: 0)
Related tags: [, , , , , ]

DELRAP - Any wholesale lenders doing this? (Members)
Hi, many HOA management companies have let their FHA approval expire. Does anyone know of a wholesale lender who will do a DELRAP? Thank you! (Replies: 5)
Related tags: [, , ]

Condo Lawsuit (Members)
Hello, 20% down with high fico. HOA is being sued, does anyone know a lender that will finance? Non Traditional OK. Thanks! (Replies: 4)
Related tags: [condo litigation]

refi on SC condo (Members)
refinance on SC condo self employed, stated income excellent credit cash out investment property value of 4450,000 (Replies: 0)
Related tags: [stated income sc condo]

Condotel Wholesale (Members)
would appreciate any advice regarding the name of a wholesale lender in Florida specializing in non-warrantable condo's and condotels. Many thanks, Dan (Replies: 6)
Related tags: [, , ]

line of credit of FL entire condo building (Members)
my condo building is looking for a loan in the amount around 7MM Can any lender do this? Local banks offer rates in the 3% or below and I want to see if I can compete with them Thank you in adva (Replies: 1)
Related tags: [florida condominium]

Texas Condhotel (Members)
I need a loan for a condhotel PURCHASE. One unit 178K sales price. Any LTV. Any rates and terms. The project is mostly investors 10% owner occupied. Investor borrower has 780 FICO and adequate reserve (Replies: 2)
Related tags: []

Condos, the future market (Members)
Recently read is WSJ that Equity Residential was in the process of selling off a huge portfolio of apartment rentals. From the article, the argument for selling seemed to be this was the best rental m (Replies: 0)
Related tags: [rental condos future values]

Lender for Office Condos for Doctors, $700,000 (Members)
I'm looking for a lender who can lend on medical office condos suites for doctors. Property is new construction, FL, sales prices for the condo suites will range inbetween $700-800k. The develop (Replies: 5)
Related tags: [, office condominiums]

NO HOA in the Condo Complex (Members)
Hello everyone. I ran across a very strange situation. I had a client that wanted to buy a Condo. Upon further investigation I found that there was No HOA present in a 2 - 4 Unit Condo Complex. Appare (Replies: 7)
Related tags: [, complex, ]

Any Idea What Lender Might Do This? (Members)
I figure this is a long shot. Borrower wants to buy mobile home in a Manufactured Housing Condominium Project in Florida. AFR is not an option and outside of AFR I just don't know who does manufacture (Replies: 14)
Related tags: [, , , condo project]

Private Money In Florida (Members)
Looking for a small O O loan on a condo in Florida. Borrower had a 699 last week, owes only a couple dollars on one credit card and has about $65k in cash. Had a BK discharged in 2011, no derogatories (Replies: 2)
Related tags: [, ]

Condo Reserves less than 10%; Need lender asap (Members)
700+ FICO PURCHASE INVESTMENT PROPERTY CONDO 75% LTV SALES PRICE 555K LOAN AMT $416,250 BofA says "No" HOA Cert shows (3.4%) association reserves. LESS THAN 30 DAYS TO CLOSE, IF YOU C (Replies: 6)
Related tags: [condo reserves, hoa reserves]

Construction Loan for Condos (Members)
I have a borrower looking for a construction loan for a 10 unit Condo project with HOA. 1 water meter to be shared and paid through HOA. 780+ FICO, has $400k liquid cash, strong buyer. Owns (Replies: 5)
Related tags: [, , 20%-25% down]

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