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Commerc.8 unit multi family 70% LTV, FL no leases (Members)
I have a deal in FL where borrower has great Fico, putting 30% down on a commercial 8 unit multifamily building. All 8 units are fully occupied but seller is stating everyone is on a Month-to Month te (Replies: 5)
Related tags: [, ]

7 unit, FLcommercialPurchase,75LTV768Fico,,fulldoc (Members)
I'm looking for a lender with pretty good rates for a commercial purchase in FL. 75% LTV, High Fico 768, - can anyone do this under or around 5% interest? Thank you for any suggestions! (Replies: 5)
Related tags: [, ]

cash out refi resturant rural area (Members)
commercial restaurant in rural area needs a cash out refi have appraial Town has population of 7k need stated loan can anyone do this loan? Posted by broker (Replies: 9)
Related tags: [, ]

Commerical Auto Repair Shop (Members)
I have a client that wants $450K cash out refinance. His mid fico is 781. The property is located in Campbell, CA. The property is worth $2M. This is a repair shop. Current rent is $4150 a month. Whic (Replies: 8)
Related tags: [, , ]

Commercial loan processor (Members)
Need a commercial loan processor with experience with Velocity Funding, Apex and Athas. Can work remotely. Pay per file funded. (Replies: 0)
Related tags: [commercial loan processor, ]

title loan (Members)
I'm looking for an investor that might do a title loan on a business located in Tampa FL. Please let me know. Thank you.. (Replies: 1)
Related tags: [, title loan]

Commercial Loan Refi Options (Members)
RideMortgages looking for possible commercial loans need to be aware of the SBA 504 refinance program. The 504 program historically has not allowed for refinances but recently the rules were change (Replies: 3)
Related tags: [, ]

100% Funding for Commercial Deals $5M+ (Members)
Minimum loan is five million dollars (US$5,000,000.00), although our lending source has a preferred loan request of fifty million dollars (US$50,000,000.00). Terms and final conditions are considered (Replies: 2)
Related tags: [, commercial funding, investor funding]

30m, 600 room hotel purchase in Florida (Members)
Borrower wants to buy a 600 room hotel in Florida. Hotel sits on a 13 acre land and consist of 6 buildings (1x 8 story, 1 x 5 story, 3 x 2 story and a reception convention building) Purchase pr (Replies: 5)
Related tags: [commercial property purchase]

501c3 company buying SFR for it's employee (Rabbi) (Members)
Have a Jewish non-profit company buying an SFR for it's Rabbi in CA. $1.85m purchase with $1m down. Commercial options? (Replies: 2)
Related tags: [looking for commercial option]

Commercial auto repair shop refinance (Members)
Looking for a commercial lender to refinance a repair shop. The owner rents out the auto repair shop for $4150 a month. The owner wants a 30 year fixed loan for $450K cash out. The LTV is only 50%. Hi (Replies: 5)
Related tags: [, , auto repair shop]

Any commercial lender who can use bank statements? (Members)
Is there any commercial lender who can use bank statements for income? I have a borrower who wants to buy a warehouse, but would have to use his bank statements to show income. This is a Florida fil (Replies: 5)
Related tags: [, ]

100% Funding for Commercial Deals $15M+ (Members)
Hello, My name is Maurice Pleasant and I am an investor who may be able to assist you with funding for your project. Whether you need to purchase or refinance commercial property, buy new equipmen (Replies: 0)
Related tags: [commercial funding, investor funding]

Commercial Lending Full Doc (Members)
Looking for somewhere to place your commercial loan referrals and get paid? I have over 25 years of commercial lending experience and access to the secondary commercial market normally limited to bank (Replies: 0)
Related tags: [, , ]

Seeking commercial lender for auto service center (Members)
HI: Seeking commercial LENDER for an auto repair service center. Non owner operated 6 units auto repair center in San Bernardino, CA. 100% occupied 10,400 sq ft building built in 2000, purch (Replies: 13)
Related tags: [, auto service center, , ]

Commercial Loan Officer lists (Members)
Can anyone here provide me a list of Commercial Loan Officers: contact names, companies, emails, phone numbers, and addresses? So far I have about five-thousand [Unsorted.] give take... I am b (Replies: 5)
Related tags: [, sbas, , , , , ]

Anyone has any good fast commercial lenders. Borrower is not concerned about rate as much but it is an estate sale and like to close asap: Here is the scenario: 75% LTV Owner-Occupied Borrower wi (Replies: 14)
Related tags: []

Lender for Office Condos for Doctors, $700,000 (Members)
I'm looking for a lender who can lend on medical office condos suites for doctors. Property is new construction, FL, sales prices for the condo suites will range inbetween $700-800k. The develop (Replies: 5)
Related tags: [, office condominiums]

Commercial Loan (Members)
Looking for a commercial lender for a 2nd td, I have a LOI from my borrower for another commercial lender and he's looking for another source, 45-50% CLTV, $400k 2nd. If you want to send me your cont (Replies: 9)
Related tags: [, , ]

Best lender 3MM multifam purchase 30% down, FL (Members)
Which lender should I take a 3MM multifamily purchase loan with 30% down in FL? Are we able to compete with retail on these? Thank you in advance! (Replies: 5)
Related tags: [, ]

Pension, Insurance, Family Office, Commercial Loan (Members)
We’re looking for Commercial Real Estate deals located in the US. The type of deals we’re seeking are apartment buildings, medical centers, office spaces, condo complexes, housing developments, mar (Replies: 1)
Related tags: [, , , , ]

Stated Income Non Conforming NOO & Commercial (Members)
Direct Wholesale Nationwide Lender Stated Income Non Conforming NOO & Commercial Real Estate Loans $50,000 to $5,000,000 Minimum Credit Score is 600 Quick Closing "YSP" Brokers Protected l (Replies: 1)
Related tags: [, , ]

MIXED USE (Members)
Need a lender for a small MIXED USE property in Washington. Loan amount $127,500 70 or 75% LTV Cash out refi Borrower has 720+ scores (Replies: 5)
Related tags: [, small commercial]

Where do I find the conversations on Commercial RE (Members)
Hello, I am new to this site and I provide commercial lending, but I don't see any conversations about commercial real estate. Is there a specific area in this forum for commercial real estate? (Replies: 1)
Related tags: [, , , ]

Commercial Loan scenario FL (Members)
Can I compete on a commercial loan with banks on the following scenario? Property (Warehouse) is worth around $760,000 Loan amount is: $280,000 owner is a corporate entity. Single, owner-ten (Replies: 3)
Related tags: []

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