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Homepage: www.cressidacapital.com

If you are a commercial real estate developer or investor with ground up construction, development, or value add projects, and you are in need of equity to fill out the capital stack on your project, then contact me. We specialize in getting tough projects financed where the lender has maxed out the LTC or LTV at 60-70% and the developer/investor does not have the 30-40% of equity required to close the deal. If this sounds like some of your projects, call me because we can help fill that gap with mezzanine, preferred equity, or JV equity We do all property types: multifamily, industrial, office, hotel, self-storage, land acquisition and development, senior housing, medical office, adaptive re-use projects, retail, and mixed-use properties. We prefer new construction, redevelopment, and value-add projects. Stabilized properties considered on a case-by-case basis. We also do senior secured permanent financing for stabilized projects as well as bridge financing for transitional properties.

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