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RideMortgages Profile:


My career began in 1990 learning the art of hard money lending from a brilliant man who was quite active in the hard money profession in the San Francisco Ca. area. From there he taught me the ropes of brokering private notes and mortgages. He was the principle of his own company and from 1990 to 1993 we bought, and brokered over 300 private notes. We also made countless hard money loans to borrowers who could not obtain conventional financing. During that time I was also learning the ropes of the buy, fix and flip art of real estate. My hard money mentor and I parted ways in 1993 and I took on a new partner that very same year. Again he was the principle of the company. We bought, fixed and flipped 107 houses from 1993 to 1996. I was the project manager on each of our acquisitions. In 1996 I started originating construction loans and selling owner builder home kits. I sold about 15 of thoes in one year and then I met a new mentor who introduced me to the world of residential conventional financing in 1997. I naturally went straight into the sub-prime realm of things because of my back ground. That is when Victoria Mortgage became my life and it still is. However, I am now originating more commercial and construction loans than residential.I also represent a Nationwide Direct Commercial, Private and Hard Money Lender. No up-front fees and Brokers are always protected. Life is good, and deals are everywhere.

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