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1. PRIVILEGE - Being a member at the outpost is a privilege, not a right. I reserve the right to remove your account for whatever reason I see fit. If you disagree, fine, you can disagree somewhere else.

2. RESPECT - You will respect fellow members of this site. No personal attacks. There is a fine line between disagreement and harassment. If you are turned in to me for a personal attack you will be banned. If you harass another member you will be banned.

3. CONTRIBUTE - Everything here is a contribution by our fine members. You are encouraged to contribute positive information to help other members of this site.

4. TOPICS - Do not post public forum topics to communicate with ONE member. If you want to communicate with one member, then contact them privately. No illegal activity is allowed. No inquiries that violate RESPA or any other law are allowed. If you see a topic that does not conform to our rules please click the red sad face icon to notify the moderator for immediate deletion. Topics that do not conform to the content I am looking for will be removed without notice.

5. OFF TOPIC- Off topic threads belong within the "Off Topic" section. Although we are offering this section to our members, we reserve the right to delete any threads we may deem necessary. We respect the fact that communities thrive when there are differences in opinion; however, personal attacks will not be tolerated. Prior to opening a new thread, make sure there are not any active threads within the same subject.

6. NO SPAM - Advertisements belong in the Announcement Forum. Any advertisements posted in a forum other than Announcements will be removed. If one of your first posts is a spam and it's not in the correct forum, you will be banned, no questions asked and without notification. Be aware of what you are posting and where. Do not profile spam. The system will detect it and auto-ban you, period. I have a zero tolerance for spam.

7. ONLY ONE ACCOUNT ALLOWED - If I get notified that you have more than one account or a message even hints to the fact you are using a second account, you will be removed and banned. No questions asked, without notification.

8. PROFILE - You must update your profile as soon as possible after registration. Include your REAL first and last name, the company you represent, and email/website information. No affiliate links, or links to other forums will be allowed. No Anonymous postings will be allowed.

9. SIGNATURES - Forum signatures will be limited to 5 lines maximum and should include only YOUR contact information for the purposes of your primary business. No advertisements, affiliate links, or links to other forums will be allowed.

10. OPINIONS - Everyone has an opinion! Make sure its posted in the appropriate forum/topic. If you have an opinion on a lender, make sure its posted in the Lender Review Forum.

11. DUE DILIGENCE - Because this is a public forum, you should be very careful when doing business with a new person/company. Always verify who they are and who they work for before communicating any private borrower information. You can view any members posts in the forum to get a feel of who they are, who knows them, and if they are a trusted member.

12. SCRAPING INFORMATION - You are not allowed to scrape, copy, reuse in any shape or form, content served from this site without express written authorization from RideMortgage LLC. This rule applies even if you contributed the information originally yourself. Content served includes but is not limited to blog posts, forum posts, content contributions, and information found within any RSS feed originated by RideMortgage LLC.

13. IF YOU ARE BANNED - If you are banned for any reason your account will be disabled and you will not be allowed back on the site, ever. If you are affiliated with a company your domain(s) will be banned and blacklisted here forever. Don't allow this to happen.

TIP: To get trusted historic information on ANY website you visit, download the Outpost version of the Alexa Toolbar for Internet Explorer. It allows you to see how long a site has been around, who links to it, and gives you ownership information for the domain. It is a must have for researching sites who you may want to work with!

Download it here:

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