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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

CRM Web Tools

Please welcome Online Loan Advisors CRM Web Tools to RideMortgage!

Lead Management taken to the next level with Online Loan Advisors management platform. Ok, I know you have heard that lead management will help you make the most of your internet leads but you have looked at the available systems and it looks like more work than it's worth. Take a look at this new management system that has been designed by marketing professionals for sales and marketing professionals. It's designed to be easy to use so you actually use it on a regular basis. We have helped hundreds close more loans per month, evaluate lead providers, manage their employees performance, and create a local brand image for themselves.

#1 This management software has an open lead exchange with top lead companies so you pick the leads you want and you can view user feedback as well as daily scoring.
#2 This system has a free search optimized website to help you create your own leads
#3 This system is integrated with Zillow(R) and BrokerBuddy(R) for property valuations as well as loan pricing.
#4 This system is integrated with three predictive dialer companies so you can call hundreds of leads in minutes not hours.
#5 If you sign up with us we waive the one time setup fee and allow you to go month to month ---No Long Term Contract
#6 Do you need anymore reasons? Or

Monday, February 12, 2007

Please welcome to RideMortgage!

Converimax is dedicated to generating Live Transfer Mortgage Leads for loan officers across the United States. With roots in the Canadian mortgage industry we have a refined transfer process that makes us the most proficient lead company on the market.

Situated in the call center capital of North America, the Converimax team utilizes large scale call centers for both U.S lead generation and as"training grounds" for loan officers in Canada. Our U.S. based clientele enjoy the benefits of having leads filtered by Loan Officer Assistants who have a thorough understanding of the mortgage industry.

Converimax has been giving away refinance leads to RideMortgage members since May of 2006. Please visit our thread in the announcements forum entitled "Converimax's Gift to the RideMortgage" and receive your free live transfer today.

For more information check out our new website,, or contact us via email or phone at or 204-480-8676.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


A message from our RideMortgage sponsor Primary Wave Media:

Our newest number 1-866-HOMELOAN is now being offered for license!

1-866-HOMELOAN defines what you do and what you offer. Did you come in to work today hoping the phone would ring with a potential borrower? STOP hoping and start making the phone ring off the hook. By simply adding 1-866-HOMELOAN to all your marketing & advertising you will see a dramatic increase in the response to your marketing. Lets face it more calls means more loans!

Now you can license the exclusive rights to 1-866-HOMELOAN for your area. Make 1-866-HOMELOAN your # not your competitions. Make your # stand out Make your # the only # potential borrowers in your market remember. Make 2007 your best year yet!

REMEMBER: If potential borrowers don't remember how to contact you, they can't become your clients.

Contact Primary Wave TODAY, start closing more loans tomorrow.

* Vanity Numbers have a track record of increasing advertising response by 30%+
* Vanity Numbers yield 14 times more phone calls in radio advertising
* A Bellcore study shows that Vanity Number ads outperform local number ads 6-1

Contact Primary Wave Media today to see if your area is still available. Call us at 1-877-TOLL-FREE or fill out our form.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Interbay Funding

Please welcome InterBay Funding to RideMortgage!


Would you like to expand your product portfolio with commercial loans, but need some additional training and marketing expertise? InterBay makes it easy, fast and profitable to close small commercial loans.

You can start earning big commission in this lucrative market with our free weekly online training and nationwide support team ready to answer your questions and guide you through every step of the process.

Stated Income/Asset loan programs, flexible underwriting and a streamlined loan process are ideal for clients such as small-business owners, commercial property investors, entrepreneurs and the self-employed. With InterBay, borrowers can avoid the hassles of traditional lending requirements without the high rates and fees typically associated with private money sources.

Program highlights include:

* Loans up to $1 million
* As little as 10 percent down
* No tax returns or income verification
* Unrestricted cash-out
* 15 to 30-year amortization - no balloons!
* Multifamily, Mixed-use, Warehouse, Office, Retail, Restaurants, Automotive, Special use and more!

Whether you're a seasoned commercial broker or a residential mortgage professional looking for an additional revenue stream, the Commercial Loan Experts at InterBay can help you grow your business.

Call today: (866) INTERBAY, (866) 468-3722. Or visit and see just how easy commercial lending can be.

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