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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Online Loan Advisors

Please welcome Online Loan Advisors aka to RideMortgage!

Online Loan AdvisorsR matches motivated borrowers to credible businesses who are seeking new clients. As one of the most aggressive and honest internet marketing companies in existence, we offer reasonable solutions to fit most budget and volume requirements.

Our industry partners need only to offer competitive pricing, provide incredible customer service, and take care of the needs of their clients. When they do, we'll design a campaign that's going to back into the lowest cost per funded loan.

We take care of our relationships. Our services include Double Verified live transfers from our in house call center, Tele-Verified Leads, 100% deposit match on our Cherry Pick system, Web Development, and our brand new WebBased CRM Lead Management System that's state of the art. It's the superior service, and extensive experience that makes a clearly positive difference.

We offer an array of campaigns that will help with your monthly bottom line. So when you're looking for a constant influx of new clients, we would be interested in partnering with you.

Call 866.624.2102 or click here for further information.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Please welcome 877INFOLINE to RideMortgage!

877INFOLINE(sm) is a toll-free call capture marketing system designed for real estate, mortgage and other professionals who want to capture leads and easily provide prospects with information 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We have gone to extraordinary lengths to keep the service simple to manage, easy to use and affordable. Manage all of your Codes (aka boxes or extensions) and Features directly from your computer via the Internet in real time - listen to voice mails, upload recordings and faxes, view reports or modify features.

Plus, our Web Interface will save you money since you are not required to call your toll-free number every time you want to access your account. There are no contracts and no equipment or software required. With instant activation you can have your toll-free number and 877INFOLINE account up and running within minutes.

Click here for more info:

Monday, January 08, 2007


Please welcome pitchSIMPLE to RideMortgage!

Want to close more deals, gain more referrals, and most of all CRUSH YOUR COMPETITORS?

pitchSIMPLE is a unique web-based mortgage selling system designed by mortgage professionals for mortgage professionals. It creates customized loan proposals guaranteed to help you sell more loans. Your borrowers click a link and see their loan proposal via e-mail. Or, for face-to-face, faxed and mailed proposals, simply print. Either way, you'll wow your borrowers with your interactive presentation, build trust and rapport, and beat the competition every time. But pitchSIMPLE gives you much more than a loan proposal. If you're a manager or mortgage company owner, pitchSIMPLE will help you retain and recruit the most sought-after originators too.

From highlighting your company's credentials, to providing multiple options and benefits, to asking for the commitment and gathering documents, pitchSIMPLE's unique sales system works like a story - with a beginning, middle and an end. This eliminates confusion, sets up the close, and leads your borrowers into a buying action. If you're tired of closing 1-2 loans a month and you're serious about making a change to become a top player, this tool is for you! Even if you're already a top producer - using pitchSIMPLE will earn you more business guaranteed.

Try it today, log on to

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Please welcome to RideMortgage!

Most loan officers are after 2 things right now:

1. More closed loans
2. Less time spent getting to those closed loans.

This is where I can help. I provide mortgage leads that eliminate the primary complaint most loan officers have with buying leads:

* Bogus leads (The prospects were not interested in speaking with a loan officer)
* No answer (You call the number back dozens of times and get no answer)
* Over-sold (The prospect tells you they have already spoken with a dozen other loan officers)

Lead addresses these issues with the following solutions. (Aren't you tired of the low quality bogus lead companies anyway?):

* Our telemarketers schedule phone appointments for you
* Our phone leads average a 40% lead to application ratio
* Phone leads are expecting a call from you. No more surprises
* We record every conversation our telemarketers have with prospects (They are held accountable for low quality or bogus leads)
* Leads are delivered same day they are generated
* We offer scripts and training articles to help you make the most of your purchased leads
* You decide what type of leads you prefer. Refi, purchase, loan amount, LTV etc.

The bottom line is that if your goal is to close more loans sooner rather than later, we should talk. I have already demonstrated that I do not participate in high pressure sales tactics. If you call me today at 314-583-5190 I will answer your questions and demonstrate how Lead Movers can put quality prospects on the phone with you quickly.

You now have 3 options:
1. Don't do anything - Keep your business the same as it is
2. Visit my website at to gather more information
3. Call or email me for more information, a quote and to get your questions answered on the spot.

My contact information:

Direct line: 314-583-5190
24 hour answer line: 800-936-1180

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