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Monday, December 18, 2006

Mortgage Vanity Numbers

Announcement from our RideMortgage sponsor, Primary Wave Media!

Quick, tell me the number for your local florist. Can you tell me the number? I'll bet $50.00 bucks you can't. What if you wanted to order flowers and you didn't have a phone book or a computer? You would call 1-800-FLOWERS, right?

And that is what I want to discuss with you today. You see, as RideMortgages we are all trying to get customers to pick up the phone and call us for their borrowing needs.

The problem with running an ad, doing direct mail, and even word of mouth is that if customers don't remember our phone number, we're sunk. So, how do we get around this little problem? Two words: Vanity numbers!

Imagine if your number was 1-866-HOMELOAN or 1-877-GET-A-LOAN or 1-866-GREAT-RATE? Think of all the places you could put that number. In big letters on your next direct mail piece; on your business cards; in your next radio ad or as the focus on your billboard. Think of how much easier it will be for your past clients to refer you business using your new vanity number. Everywhere you go and everyone you speak with will always remember your number.

Vanity numbers are an excellent way for consumers to recall your company. The danger with a lot of advertising is that your ad will sometimes drive customers to competitors. It's true. A potential customer sees your ad for loans, is interested, throws away the ad, and forgets your number. Now they open the phone book, see your competitor's ad and they call them. Believe me it happens everyday.

That will not be a problem if you have a number they never forget.

If you make money from incoming calls and if you spend any money to generate those calls ... you must use a great vanity number.

The question is how can you get a number like 1-866-HOMELOAN? That's why you come here and read this power-packed, information loaded blog developed to help mortgage professionals like you close more loans and make more money through effective marketing and business advice.

Think about that, you could own a number like 1-866-HOMELOAN exclusively in your market. Think about your competition when you start to plaster 1-866-HOMELOAN or 1-877-GET-A-LOAN all over your town.

It will drive them crazy!

No longer will you have to worry about anyone remembering your number. Everyone knows the number 1-800-FLOWERS. Everyone will know your number.

These numbers are already working for hundreds of other brokers throughout the United States.


Here's a message from Primary Wave Media:

Primary Wave Media has been helping RideMortgages grow their business and client base for over 5 years. We own and license hundreds of great vanity toll free numbers to businesses for use in their local and national marketing including First Residential Mortgage(tm), AT&T(tm), Time Warner Cable(tm) and Exclusive Resorts(tm). If you currently spend any money marketing your business, you must use a great vanity number. Vanity numbers have shown time and time again to not only increase response rates from all types of marketing, but to increase referral business as well.

Let's face it, consumers are bombarded everyday with advertising messages. We see them on TV, on billboards, in newspapers and magazine and hear them on the radio. It is impossible for us to remember the ads or companies. Now you can give your clients and potential clients an easy way to remember to reach you. More calls equals more business. Opportunities and phone numbers like these doesn't come around very often. License a number before your competition does. Increase your numbers with one of ours!!!


* Vanity Numbers have a track record of increasing advertising response by 30%+
* Vanity Numbers yield 14 times more phone calls in radio advertising
* A Bellcore study shows that Vanity Number ads outperform local number ads 6-1
* As an added bonus: all licensees will be provided with 200 mortgage postcards to mail out. We pay for the postcards ... you pay the postage.

Click here to visit Primary Wave

Monday, December 11, 2006

Please welcome to RideMortgage!

Get Listed, Get Traffic, Get Leads, Lender411 - Your Key to Online Success!

Lender411 is the ultimate online marketing tool for Mortgage Professionals. A business-to-consumer portal, is a new breed of "search engine + directory listing" website designed to enhance the consumer's online loan shopping experience by most effectively matching the consumer with the right lender and/or the right loan. As such, advertising on Lender411 delivers the highest return on your marketing investment; higher than even the search engines. In fact our tag line is: "We start where search engines stop".

Below are Lender411's key features:

* "Find the Right Lender" - Consumers answer a few questions about their specific loan situation, and are then matched up to the ideal lender.
* "Find the Best Mortgage" - Consumers fill out a short 2-minute application and receive up to 4 competing offers from Lender411 participating lenders.
* "Compare Rates" - Consumers search our extensive database of competitive mortgage, refinance and equity rates that are uploaded daily by Lender411 participating lenders.
* "Get Mortgage Advice" - Consumers visit our online forum to seek advice from seasoned mortgage professionals who subscribe to Lender411.

Utilizing our world-class Search Engine Specialists we have optimized for the most highly searched mortgage-related keywords and are now successfully driving hundreds of unique visitors to the site resulting in thousands of page loads every day. This traffic is expected to grow exponentially in the next 12-18 months.On Dec 1, 2006, Lender411, the sister company of, officially entered its beta phase which means this is the perfect opportunity to get ahead of the competition and start generating leads NOW! By signing up earlier and during the Beta period you will:

1) Benefit from Lender411 traffic with less competition from other lenders.
2) Lock in the introductory subscription rates.

Contact Lender411 at 888-377-1265 to speak with sales representative or you may click here to find out about this exciting new opportunity to take your online business to the next level!
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