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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Make My Calls

Please welcome Make My Calls to RideMortgage, your one stop dialer shop.

Get the Results You Want - Before Your Competition Does! Make My Calls is the industry's leader in dialing systems for small to mid size RideMortgages. With a variety of systems to meet your unique needs, Make My Calls has a dialing solution for you.

- Dramatically increase your business by generating your own exclusive leads, stay in contact with your customer base to create repeat business opportunities, get the jump on your competition with a Make My Calls dialing system.
- Predictive, Power, ACTtm, Speed, and Auto dialer solutions for single agents to mid-size RideMortgages.
- Mortgage Maximizer CRM software to keep track of your hot leads.
- Single Agent Three Line Predictive Dialers
- Free DNC Scrubbing software.
- Free thirty day trial on Predictive and Power Dialers

Stop paying for "exclusive" leads when you can generate your own. In today's fast paced society, it is all about contact and communication. You have to be the first to "contact" the customer and "communicate" what value your service offers. The fastest way to reach them is with a Make My Calls dialing system.

Visit Make My Calls or call the dialing expert, John Johnson, to answer any of your dialing questions at 1-800-481-0654 ext 919 today!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Please welcome 1-8-MORTGAGES to RideMortgage!

1-8-MORTGAGES, the industry's most memorable phone number, is licensing RideMortgages for exclusive territories across America and Canada. Charter Membership information can be found at

What are the advantages of using a powerful 'vanity' number like 1-8-MORTGAGES?

- A great toll-free number yields 14 times more phone calls than an advertisement using a toll-free numeric number.
- Increase your advertising response rates 30% or more!
- Image enhancement: You'll differentiate your company and build brand awareness your competitors cannot match. Your clients will remember you!
- The number itself tells the consumer what your business does ... Mortgages. 1-8-MORTGAGES also says, "better","established","credible","customer service".

Using unique call capture technology, 1-8-MORTGAGES can re-route inbound callers to your individual loan officers on the fly! Each and every call to your exclusive area code(s) is re-routed in real time. And, you'll receive email notifications of each call and be able to login to a secure Website to capture the callers' information ... even addresses if desired.

1-8-MORTGAGES will drive leads to it licensees! The unique 1-8-MORTGAGES phone number is reinforced with a series of unique Websites, including central portal, Additionally, many city and state specific mortgage Websites are going to be posted up to feed leads to our licensees. Further, several hundred medical Websites, condition and disease specific, are being developed to lead into a new medical search engine. All of these medical domains will also have prominent 1-8-MORTGAGES banner ads on them. We believe this will drive lots of leads to our network partners monthly.

To learn more about this exciting program, log on to or call network manager, Gil Holloway, today at (972) 325-4329.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Pro 30 Funding

Please welcome Pro 30 Funding to RideMortgage!

Pro 30 Funding is a wholesale lender based in Novato, CA (Bay Area). Pro 30 has been lending in CA for 5+ years, currently we have surpassed the 1 Billion funded YTD mark, funding 160+ Million per month mostly in CA. Pro 30 is actively recruiting and opening new markets.We currently fund CA, NV, AZ, FL, and CO (case by case).

100% Hybrid Option Arm No Doc Verified 660 Fico
100% NOO No Doc Verified 680 fico
100% No Doc Verified 620 fico
100% No Doc No Assets 680 Fico
100% No FICO
100% No Doc Verified to 1.5 Million
Financing to 2.4M+

We are actively recruiting reps in Las Vegas, Reno-Tahoe, and Arizona . We look forward to providing you with great service in addition to our High CLTV's and No Doc product.

Please be in touch with pricing, or AE opportunities in your area.

Jonathan West
Pro 30 Nevada

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