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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Prequal Dispatch Test Launch!

Prequal Dispatch enters it's next phase of testing! PD offers the loan officer an efficient way of finding a wholesale lender for a loan scenario. By entering the loan scenario into a short prequal form, the information will instantly be dispatched to wholesale lenders who are licensed in that state.

The loan officer will be notified by email or phone if the lender is able to close that scenario for them!

This simple yet effective method has advantages over the traditional loan databases for finding a loan program for your borrower. Account reps know their loan programs, and 'TODAYS' special might just be what you need to close that loan! Reps can instantly glance at your prequal dispatch notification and contact you if they have a program.

Learn more and submit your scenarios through Prequal Dispatch located here:

Account reps for wholesale lenders, contact me immediately if you want to lock your spot in my database for your company. Listings are first come, first served by company and territories. Listing in this system is FREE during the testing phase!

To learn more about Prequal Dispatch testing read this topic:

Thank you,

Monday, April 25, 2005

Commercial Real Estate Financing

From Jacqui:

Remington Financial Group, Inc. is a leading Real Estate Investment Banking firm that provides capital to sophisticated Commercial Real Estate projects and developers NATIONWIDE. RFG, Inc. in its principals and investment banking capacity, focuses on providing financing for transaction ranging from $1M-$125M. We are also pleased to announce our Small Commercial Loan Program available for projects from 100K-$1M. Our firm is headquartered in Philadelphia and maintains offices in Boston, New York, Ft. Lauderdale, Phoenix and Los Angeles. Companies that are currently restructuring or emerging from bankruptcy, in need of recapitalization, or considering expansion through leveraged acquisition, will significantly benefit from our track record and insightful guidance through complex transactions. Our firm pays the highest referral fees and we protect brokers.

Attn RideMortgages:
If you come accross any Commercial deals, Have new projects that need financing? We Deliver Capital.

Real Estate based especially income producing property as well as other types of projects such as:

Land Development
Retail Strips
High rise
Multi Family
Mobile Home Parks
Self Storage
Bed and Breakfast
Mixed Use
Many More...

Different types of financing available:
Construction, Refinance, Acquisition, Bridge, Sale/Leaseback, Mezzanine, Perm Mortgage, Equity and Debt and MANY MORE.

Ask about our Northbridge Fund.

Jacqui Flordeliza
Remington Financial Group, Inc.
Ph: 215.717.2227
Direct: 732.672.9155
Fax: 215.717.1080

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Wells Fargo Wholesale Products

From Patrenia at Wells Fargo:

We offer a wide variety of products at Wells Fargo.

Full Documentation:
* Up to 95% cash out with 6 months seasoning (use new appraised value)
* We pay a FREE POINT for a full package (up to 2K)
* Up to 3 points in YSP allowed
* No minimum trade line requirement up to 95%
* 12 months bank statements (personal or business)are considered full doc (no adjustment to the rate)
* Quick and easy grading (mortgage history, credit score, BK/FC)
* Loan amounts up to 950K depending on LTV
* Private VOM and VOR accepted
* Escrow/impounds for taxes & insurance available at no charge
* Rolling 30's and 60's allowed (ratio 6:1)
* Up to 55% DTI
* Up to 100% for purchases & rate/term refinances
* NO PMI on any of our loans
* No sourcing/seasoning required on downpayment funds for ALL credit levels
* Bond for deed/land contracts can be recorded or unrecorded.

Mortgage Express: Our Stated, No Doc and No Ratio loans are grouped under the umbrella of Mortgage Express.

* Up to 95% cash out (Owner Occupied, stated and No ratio)
* Up to 90% purchase & rate/term - NON OWNER OCCUPIED (Stated & No Ratio....SFR, Condo, 2-4units)
* NO SEASONING required for cash out up to 95% (use new appraised value)
* 620 minimum fico score required
* up to 50% DTI

****INTEREST ONLY WILL BE AVAILABLE MID-MAY 2005. It will be available for all full doc borrowers (excluding bank statements) with a 580 min credit score. Call me for more information!

I am an account executive within internal sales. I am available by phone/fax/e-mail for any rate quotes or scenarios.

"Expect Great Service"
Patrenia Spears
Account Executive
Direct 866-387-0539 x4198

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Loan Officer Marketing Chat

First of all, I want to thank everyone who contributes to The Outpost! It's only been 5 short months and the site has EXPLODED with traffic and referrals. I can't say enough about the members who are active on the forums helping new LO's out and offering free advice to see this industry move in the right direction. Most of the help is offered at no financial gain, which makes the outpost a great place to go when you need help, and we all do in this industry at one point or another!

Back in Febuary, Midas came up with the idea of a weekly meeting, you can read the topics here:

I finally got around to setting up a real-time chat page so its official! Once a week on hump day we'll gather as many mortgage professionals as we can and meet here at the outpost!

The first session is set for Wednesday, April 13 at 5:30pm PST.

We will be covering marketing tactics, what we do and how we do it. Everyone is invited and expected to come and contribute! All ideas are welcome so we can discuss and learn. There are tons of great marketing ideas that all of us use, so be there or be broke!

You can join using your java enabled browser at


Monday, April 11, 2005

RideMortgage and Loan Officer Newsletter Launches!

I'm starting a tips and tricks newsletter for RideMortgages and loan officers. This is an opt-in list and you can remove yourself at anytime. Your information will not be sold to anyone, ever.

The newsletter will include useful information submitted by members of this site. Credit will always be given to contributors. If you want to contribute a useful bit of information for loan officers, just email me!

Also, updates on scheduled realtime chat meetings here on RideMortgage will also be sent out via this list.

Click here to join the RideMortgage Newsletter, or visit this url:

Derin Farraro

Tuesday, April 05, 2005 Sponsorship Opportunities!

Banner clusters have been placed in key areas of the site to maximize branding power. I've configured 3 different rate options for sponsorship so even smaller companies and AE's can afford to get their name out in front of the thousands of visitors RideMortgage attracts.

Perfectly sized 234x60 banner spaces in clusters of three have been included in different areas of the website giving sponsors maximum exposure at the lowest possible cost. Rates are flat and are not based on impressions or clicks. The goal of banners is to BRAND your company over and over until your potential customer picks up the phone and calls you!

Target sponsors include Wholesale Lenders, AE's for lenders who can close loans nationwide, Nationwide RideMortgages looking for new loan officers, Software companies in the Mortgage Industry, Lead and Website generation companies, Title companies, Credit Companies, Appraisers, and the list goes on! Anyone wanting to advertise their product or service to RideMortgages and loan officers can now do so at unbelievably low flat rate prices.

Sponsors also get a permanent BLOG post here with archive so no matter which sponsorship you choose, you'll get exposure now and in the future on BrokerOutpost's main blog pages.

Rates and Traffic information can be found at this location:

Compare this site to others in the industry and you'll soon see how your ROI here compares to no other on the net. If you're not advertising here for the special rates I'm offering, then you aren't branding your company and services to the traffic that matters.

For more information contact us at 800-835-9127

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