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Monday, April 14, 2014

Easy Mortgage Apps LLC (EMALLC)

Easy Mortgage Apps LLC (EMALLC) has developed a state of the art Smartphone App specifically and uniquely designed for the mortgage lending industry. This private label software, launched in early 2013 and known as MAMA (Mobile Administrative and Marketing Assistant) allows lenders, RideMortgages, and banks to greatly enhance the overall customer experience by engaging their consumers, realtors and relevant entities with real time loan information and updates.

Built in business logic utilizes push notification technology to update parties regarding loan status changes, loan commitment requirements and important milestone dates. All pertinent loan data, contact information and a secure messaging portal are available with a single touch. In addition, the software offers clients a user friendly interface which allows for mobile capture technology, data sharing and storage through a secure portal. MAMA was created to improve efficiency and productivity, reduce latency, and increase time to revenue.

EMALLC works with forward thinking companies who understand we are in the midst of a behavioral shift. For the first time, more people are accessing the web via their mobile device than pc and 80% of mobile usage is spent in an app. There are approximately 160,000,000 smart phones users in the United States alone and 56% have used an app with local content.

"Over the past few years, the proliferation of both mobile devices and their many useful applications has clearly demonstrated how businesses can leverage the power of mobile communications and computing to improve their overall productivity and revenue. Mobile technologies, such as smartphones and tablets, have greatly reduced turn-around times and overhead costs for businesses, because they allow professionals to efficiently work from anywhere using single-purposed applications that are designed to automatically streamline and expedite key business processes." - The Mobile Mortgage Industry December 21, 2012 By Vladimir Bien-Aime

Most importantly, Easy Mortgage Apps LLC allows small to medium enterprises to compete directly with the largest 1% of banks and lenders who are offering similar software. As co-founder Michael Kelleher states: "We speak to clients daily who understand the need to implement a mobile strategy. Our market research indicated most companies are experiencing paralysis by analysis and there is a significant disconnect regarding the actionable steps required for a lending organization to develop a functional app to compliment their current business strategy. For a monthly service fee, companies can offer their app to clients in as little as 15 business days. This app represents the future of the lending environment and serves as the EZ Pass of the mortgage industry. Easy Mortgage Apps LLC is the only viable and cost effective solution to stay ahead of the competition."

For a free PDF download visit

Contact Darren Samarel at 619-384-7605 or email at for a live demo.

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