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Monday, September 04, 2006

Mortgage Lens

Please welcome Mortgage Lens to the Outpost! The Next Generation of Mortgage Presentation Software.

What is Mortgage Lens?

Mortgage Lens is the most advanced mortgage presentation software on the planet. Now you have a more powerful and cost effective alternative to other more expensive and less-powerful mortgage presentation software.

Mortgage Lens doesn't require extensive training or a textbook-like instruction manual to use effectively. Mortgage Lens was designed from the ground up to be simple and easy to use. Just enter your numbers and you're ready to go.

How can Mortgage Lens help me?

Mortgage Lens has 26 analysis modules that allow you to position yourself as a "Mortgage Consultant" rather than just a rate and term jockey. Analyze all the options available to your client with this powerful toolset, in real-time and in color. All available in a free trial!

Mortgage Lens gives you the ability to make sales in a new way. Most mortgage software would be best called "mortgage report generators". With these products presentations are prepared beforehand, in black and white with column after column of figures. Mortgage Lens allows you to do live presentations with your clients, either in person or virtually over the internet using desktop sharing software. The bottom line is that Mortgage Lens can help you stand apart form the crowd.

Why Mortgage Lens?

* It's more powerful - Mortgage Lens has 26 different analysis modules.
* It's easier to use - Mortgage Lens is so easy to use you can be up and running making presentations in less than 4 minutes.
* It's less expensive - Forget having to pay hundreds upon hundred of dollars to use a mortgage presentation package, you can try a fully functional Mortgage Lens demo for FREE!
* It's interactive - All analysis are done live and interactively right as you enter in the data!

Click here to visit Mortgage Lens Homepage.

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