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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Lexington Lending

Please welcome Lexington Lending to the Outpost!

Lexington Lending ( is the Nation's Leading Premier Super Jumbo Lender specializes in HIGH RISK programs. Our special niches are:

- 100% Option Arm
- 100% Non-Owner Occupied
- 100% Stated up to 1.5Million
- 100% Full Doc up to 6 Million
- 0% Option Arm
- no payment for 3 months
- Non-Prime Option Arm
- Bank Statement as FULL Doc
- Option Arm 2 Yrs out of BK
- 100%Super No Doc 1 Loan No MI
- 95% Super No Doc Non
- Owner Occupied 1 Loan No MI
- No Limit on Cash Out programs
- 100% Loans Stated Scores from 580 FICO
- No Limit on properties owned Investment Programs
- No Credit Score Option Programs
- 50 years Amortized Loan
- 1st time Home Buyer No Trade lines to 100%
- 10 Year Arm w/ 10 Yr Interest Only

At Lexington Lending, we work hard to make the loan origination process easier for our independent RideMortgages. So to help introduce you to Lexington Lending we've made the following tools and resources available for our guests to use.

Rates and Programs:
Lexington Lending offers Alt-A 1st TDs, 2nd TDs, and Jumbo Combos, all with flexible guidelines and aggressive pricing. Along with financing residential 1-4 unit properties up to 100% CLTV, most of our products come with interest-only options. Lexington is your one stop shop for Fixed, Option ARM, and HELOC products from $100,000 to $10,000,000. At Lexington...we do things BIG.

Prequal Wizard:
In the ever-changing environment of mortgage banking, Lexington takes pride in accommodating the specific needs of each customer. At Lexington, we understand that you need every available advantage to stay ahead of the competition. This is why we provide multiple technology options to meet your needs to register, lock, underwrite, close, delivery of your docs, and fund your loans. As a GUEST, feel free to try our Prequal Wizard.

Become a Member:
To learn more about Lexington Lending please visit our About Us, Newsroom, Sign Up or To Be Contacted by our AE sections. We look forward to working with you soon - because we think that together, we'll make a great team. To find out more about Lexington's Member Services, contact a Lexington Representative. Lexington Lending is proud to be the nation's Leading Premier Super Jumbo Lender. When we work with our thousands of independent RideMortgages, we're committed to doing business differently. The mortgage industry is changing, and Lexington is the wholesale Alt-A & non-prime lender that's rewriting the rules.
If we can't do it, it can't be done!

Years of Real-World Experience:
Lexington Lending, is the leading non - conforming mortgage lender in the nation, with more than 15 years of experience providing the most competitive mortgage loans in the industry. We're committed to providing the best programs, pricing and service to the broker community, delivered in a professional, yet straightforward manner.

Better Communication, Better Turnaround, Better Pricing:
At Lexington, we're committed to open and effective communication throughout the loan process. Our company policy on response is just as refreshing: if you call with a question, you get an answer - not voicemail. We have a streamlined lending model that optimizes technology and our skilled lending team. Which means faster response, consistent decisions, and superior customer service. Things that make Lexington the smart choice for all your clients.

For information, please contact:

Lexington Lending
3 Imperial Promenade Suite 120
Santa Ana CA 92707
714.955.5550 x 101

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