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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sun American Mortgage Wholesale adds Subprime

Updates over at Sun American:

Sun American Mortgage Wholesale is pleased to announce the addition of a new subprime product line! Our current hot product is a one loan, no MI up to 100% with a 580+ FICO and par rates this past week have been around 8.5%!

Even better, it's just as easy to get a subprime rate with epricer, our online pricing engine, as it has always been with our premier Alt-A products. Simply go to, enter your email address and create a password, and you can run your scenarios in under 60 seconds. No more rate sheets! From there, you can select what rate you want with the corresponding rebate and you are presented with payment details and underwriting guidelines. Click here for a sample screenshot of a scenario run on epricer. (If the image is too small to view, hover over the lower right hand corner to show an icon that will allow you to enlarge it.)

Of course, you can always reach one of our Account Executives directly at 1-800-537-0616, if you have any questions.

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