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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

TAGS Support added to RideMortgage Forums

I've added TAGS support to the RideMortgage forums. This is an effective tool to help organize the future content of the forum. TAGs help categorize the content of your topic to help find it later. TAGs are simply keywords or phrases you enter that are related to the content of your message.

Sometimes a topic may cover a subject that has keywords or phrases which are not used within the actual message, but are related to the content. These TAGs turn into hyperlinks around the forum which allow members to find all related topics in most recent post order that match the tag text.

There are no specific keywords or phrase you need to conform to. You are able to freely use whichever keywords you feel are necessary to help categorize the content of your message. This Folksonomy allows us to better define the content within the forum so members can quickly find related topics at anytime in the future. I only ask that you don't enter entire sentences into the TAGs field, but single keywords or short phrases that relate to the content.

You can also go back and edit your original post to add in or modify your tags to help define your message even further as the topic grows.

Sometimes someone you know is looking for information about a certain topic. Now you'll be able to follow a linked tag to it's list of related topics and send that url directly to another member to help them out. For example, this tag url shows all matching topics which used the word 'fraud' in it's tag field:

If you are posting an odd scenario (after submitting to Prequal Dispatch of course!) you should use the word 'scenario' within the tag field of your topic. Other keywords which would help define your topic even future could be 'farm' or 'lot loan', etc.

This feature is a very powerful addition to our site here at the Outpost and I hope you all take the extra 5 seconds it takes to type in a few keywords separated by commas to help categorize the topics! I'll be adding a TAG CLOUD soon which will allow members to see exactly what's being talked about in the forum instantly and click right to the topics which interest them!

Thank You,

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