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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Realtor Referral Business at Average Joe L.O.

Please welcome , Average Joe L.O. to the Outpost!

Here at Average Joe L.O. we understand the challenges faced by loan officers looking to build their realtor referral business. What challenges are we talking about? Tell me if any of these sound familiar:

  • I already have a loan officer
  • I use our in-house mortgage company
  • I have to give my clients three business cards from 3 loan officers
  • I don't have any 'deals' right now to give

Have you ever heard any of these objections from a real estate agent? Or maybe you have an easy time with scheduling appointments with agents, but have trouble with moving the relationship from "friendly" to that of a consistent source of referrals? This is where Average Joe L.O. comes in.

We supply a powerful and unique training system that will move your business to the next level quickly. This is not your typical rehash rehash of the same old and tired techniques. In fact we provide a guarantee that is unlike any you have ever seen! You are welcome to read more about it at

While there, make sure you sign up for my free weekly educational tele-conference call. We discuss actual marketing techniques that you can put to use immediately! You may also register by contacting me at .

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