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Saturday, December 31, 2005

A new year and a new future!

I want to wish you and yours a very happy new year! I want to thank you for your support and contributions to our community here at the outpost. Without that, our site would not be the living, breathing community it is today. I started the outpost one year ago in November of 04 for the sole purpose of learning and helping others within our industry. My about page stays true since I first posted it one year ago:

"RideMortgage was created to help my fellow loan officers and wholesale lenders do more business together."

We have grown at such a fast rate that I've dedicated my time and effort to offering even more services for our members. In only one short year we are over 9,000 members strong and have more than 100,000 posts within our community! Now, the outpost offers members Prequal Dispatch and Premium Membership to help everyone do more business together, and to do it more efficiently than ever before.

I launched Premium Membership upgrades on November 1st of 05. In only 2 short months my unique internet marketing tools have helped premium members build more than 5,000 webpages! In 2006 these members will no doubt have the foundation in place to be at the top of their game when their traffic increases and their leads turn into commissions!

I have BIG plans for the outpost in 2006 and work is already underway. New services and tools are already in the works and will be released early 2006. Most of the services and tools will continue to revolve around our community working together to help you make the most of your upcoming year in this industry!

I'm looking back today and summarizing my year knowing I helped hundreds, if not thousands of people build better lives for themselves and their families. While many people look to making the dollar, I look toward helping people make their lives better. For that I have enjoyed the fruits of my labor and will go to sleep tonight knowing I've contributed to thousands of people lives in 2005... I will strive to do the same on an even larger scale in 2006!


Thank You,
Derin Farraro

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