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Saturday, December 17, 2005

eSTYLE Mortgage Software and Services

Please welcome eSTYLE Mortgage Software and Services to the Outpost!

eSTYLE Mortgage Software and Services is a division of eSTYLE Software. eSTYLE is the leader in workflow systems and IT consulting for the mortgage service industry since 2001.

We see our mission in identifying business problems that have not been addressed by standard, off-the-shelf software packages. For these types of problems, eSTYLE Software designs and develops custom solutions that are scalable and robust enough to become a new standard bar for the entire industry.

eSTYLE Mortgage Software and Services launched LoanFinder in 2004. LoanFinder is the only service capable of providing real-time rates from any lender that exactly matches a specific borrower profile after performing all adjustments and limits. Our bright team of mortgage specialists and top-notch systems designers created a product that was originally thought to be impossible. We have brought all rate determination guidelines from the most popular lenders together in one actionable, up-to-date database.

LoanFinder leverages eSTYLE Software's existing business and technology experience accumulated throughout a variety of past projects for the small and medium customers in the mortgage industry. eSTYLE Software is looking forward to partnering with mortgage companies to resolve existing pains and inefficiencies in the wholesale and retail sides of the mortgage industry.

All of us here at eSTYLE have a long-term vision that will serve well to all participants, Borrowers, Lenders, and Brokers.

We would be thrilled if the next person we help is you!

For more information visit

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