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Friday, August 12, 2005

Sales Incentives by Vacation Getaways

Please welcome to the Outpost! is a leading provider of high-value vacation certificates which is the #1 incentive marketing tool that stimulates the universal appeal of travel. This tool will generate a substantial increase in leads and sales as a result of its use. Our vacation certificate has a value of up to $400 and offers 3 days, 2 nights deluxe hotel accommodations for two at one of 24 exciting resort destinations. The certificate is not connected with any timeshare presentation or sales pitch of any kind. Companies who use the certificates in their marketing and promotions see at least 30% increase in sales.

In today's highly competitive marketplace, it can be a tough task to gain a new client or to make a sale. That's why you need a cutting-edge, cost-effective powerful marketing tool that appeals to every kind of customer. Recent studies have found that 80 percent of all Americans surveyed would travel if they could afford to. In today's economy a great percentage of your prospects and customers will take a hard look at being offered a free vacation, which is why vacation certificates are the #1 incentive that moves people into ACTION!

Our Vacation Certificates Will:

- Generate leads
- Increase referrals
- Close more sales
- Sell more products
- Make more appointments
- Improve direct mail and ad response rates
- Attract new and repeat visitors to your website
- Gain a valuable edge on your competition

Simply offer the vacation certificate in all your promotions that include direct mail offers for both new and previous customers, telemarketing, newspaper ads, or any other marketing medium you use. By incorporating our certificates into your regularly scheduled advertising program, you will project an image with your marketing material that sets you apart from your competition and increases your credibility, thus boosting your sales. The high-perceived value of the certificate generates an amazing response from recipients. Think about what a 30% increase in sales would mean for your business!

While others require you to purchase certificates individually, what sets apart is that you only pay a one-time fee to allow for an unlimited supply of certificates you offer. Plus, we also enable you to reach your entire online market by providing a special website where you can direct your prospects and customers to receive their vacation certificate online.

To realize the significance of utilizing this amazing lead generator and sales incentive, please visit us at our website

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