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Thursday, December 16, 2004

World Savings Niche Loan Programs

Matt Carsey over at World Savings sent this over today. You can contact him directly at (402) 391-4700 x 207 or email him at

World Savings Mortgage Loans - Let our niche be your niche!


-Portfolio Lender (we don't sell our loans)
-Flexible Guidelines (Our money Our Rules) Not FICO driven on 1sts
-We LOVE Stated Loans
-Paper and Internet Submission at (close in 2-3 weeks)
-In house underwriting, processing and appraisers (less work for you)
-Lending in 38 States
-100 Billion In Assets (we are strong)
-World Savings is the Flagship Company is Golden West Financial which has been lending within the US for over 100 years.


We use the CODI Index (Certificate of Deposit Index) which is the 3 mo CD rate posted by the Federal Reserve each month. We take a 12 mo rolling average of the 3 mo CD to calculate the current index. We then add our company profit margin to that index to determine the rate. Example: Currently the index is 1.355 plus our margin 3.65 (which is fixed) the current rate is 5.005. The CODI Index is the least volatile index in the mortgage industry.


Not FICO driven with LTV 80% or below (see rate sheet for guidelines)
Up to 95% LTV for Purchases/90% LTV on Refi's


Offers 4 Monthly Payment options Each and Every month:
1. Minimum Payment starting at 1.50% payment factor (not interest
2. Interest Only (based on current CODI)
3. Full Principal and Interest (based on current CODI)
4. 15-Year Payment Plan (based on current CODI)
(Customers can change these options monthly based on their current

World savings closes 1000 loans nationwide each day with this product.

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